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What do the hidden symbols and numbers around us reveal about our character, talents, psychic powers, opportunities and future – the very meaning of life and universe?

Numerology is closer to the art than to the science, yet numerologists, astrologists or psychics may disagree. It is interrelated to astrology, and to some degree to parapsychology and spirituality and is based on converting virtually anything material into a pure number, using that number in an attempt to detect something meaningful about reality, and try to predict or calculate the future. Numerology is folkloric by nature and started since humans first learned to count. Through human history it was, and still is practiced by many cultures all over the world from traditional fortunetelling such as palmistry, to online psychic reading and dream interpretation. 

The origins of numerology could be traced to an ancient ritual known as Gematria. The 8th century BC Babylonian king Sargon II is believed to have been the first to use it when building the wall of Khorsabad exactly 16,283 cubits long, because that was the numerical value of his name.

Not far from Babylonia, a practice called “intentional architecture” originated in Armenia; it is based on theories of sacred geometry that is formulated in part from numerology and other metaphysical theories by Ancestral Armenians over 4200 years earlier. In a typical “intentional architecture” numbers are combined with shapes and forms to create a harmonious and magnificent whole. The underlying pivotal idea was the reunification of humanity with the Cosmos or the Creator.

Presently most common forms of numerology are the somewhat archaic Chaldean System and the more widely recognized Pythagorean System. Transmutations based on regional, social and ethnic differences are also popular. Some places even offer advanced courses with a degree in parapsychology and other spiritual readings.

The Chaldean System attaches a special significance to numbers or their position in a sequence; this approach can be found in historic belief systems, and it predates the Pythagorean System.

The Pythagorean System is a concept of measuring life cycles from numbers 1 through 9. Pythagoras was a Greek mathematician and is considered the “Father of Mathematics.” He is the inventor of the Pythagoras Theorem; however, Pythagoras was above all a mystic and philosopher. He believed “all things are numbers,” and everything in the universe was subject to predictable progressive cycles. He hypothesized that numbers operate on the spiritual level, while figures are for measuring things on the material level.

What is Formalogy.com?

Formalogy.com is a contemporary system of advanced numerology. It is based on leading principals and highest concepts of numerology and corresponding psychic and mystical customs. The theory upon which this system operates is a central form of spiritual numerology and related mystical traditions observed by Ancestral Armenians, Mesopotamians, Egyptians, Assyrians, Phoenicians, Persians, Hebrews, Greeks and Romans.

Chinese and Indians, as well as Mayans and Aztecs also developed their own unique methods at interpreting numerology, with some of them evolving into elaborate calendars and charts of predicting very far into the future. Later in the history other European and Eurasian nations such as Druids, Celts, Saxons, Vikings, Macedonians and Slavs borrowed or rediscovered their own theories. In essence all of numerology in general and Formalogy.com in particular is intended to help in realizing extraordinary importance associated with personal numbers from the mystic and psychic sense and forecasting immediate and long term future events.

Unlike traditional numerology, the system of Formalogy.com is more secretive and elite, since at its roots it was usually associated with architecture and other sciences. It is influenced by merging mystical beliefs of very old Near-Eastern civilizations and their religions. Even though this system still revolves around spirituality, mathematics, psychic astrology and geometry, it is also unified with partially lost disciplines, holistic practices and elegant supernatural ideas of ancient cultures.

In itself the reintroduction of this system is not an extraordinary idea, yet by combining several aspects from past models and reinventing something fresh is indeed an original concept. We know, and millions of people believe, that lives and events tend to run in cycles, and numbers play a vital role; we have discovered our system to be more relevant, with a superior degree of accuracy, than anything in use up to now. It is important to note that we are not the first to really create something as elaborate as this; we are aware of online psychics, tarot card readers, futurists and other tellers of fortune, however most of original mystical methods practiced thousands of years ago unfortunately have been forgotten or altered.

Formalogy.com is only a paranormal theory. No one may know how close our psychics formulas are to the truth, yet something that has been an integral part of ever-changing human history and survived through modern times cannot be based on imaginary notions or fantastic magical feelings alone. Therefore, since our methods and sets of rules are directly stemmed from demonstrated techniques, our modus operandi should not be less trustworthy or less reliable. We can never be absolutely accurate – no human can, yet our accuracy scale depends not only on our structured system of generating numbers, but also on many other factors beyond our control. Fluctuations constantly play a role in spiritual and material world, but sacred numbers will always have permanence in everyday life, and we hope our system of generating uniquely personalized, mystically oriented numbers will be of benefit to you and your loved ones.

Our compassionate team of intellectuals is made up of psychics and accompanying specialists in related fields. After looking at many other options and not finding anything trustworthy, we have created a simple-to-use Website where every person with an online connection has a free access to possibly the earliest knowledge of mystical system of sacred numerology. The maintenance, development and distribution of this information can be costly – your continued donations will help us to keep Formalogy.com running. Visitors are never charged to read our contents or use our services – all generated numbers are free, and all we ask in return is to keep us in mind while using our services. Many thousands of visitors have been using out methods of personalized number generation, and they had shared with us some incredible stories of success and luck. This could be a year of a Red Pig or a year of any other colorful animal – we believe all years can be lucky if you keep the right attitude while getting your personal numbers from us. Our custom-generated numbers can bring luck and make you and members of your family happier, wealthier, and even healthier, so please when the time will come, and you have prospered, do not forget about us.

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