Virgo Horoscopes

Your daily astrology readings and fortunate numbers predetermined by your Zodiac Sign and are common for all people born under the Sign of Virgo. Astrology links humans together: we are all part of the same mystical planetary cycles. For your solely personal lucky numbers, generated based on your name, your date of birth and unique Formalogy methods, use Instant Lucky Numbers generator on our Home page.

Virgo Horoscope for Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Hard work pays off for the Virgo who is willing to put everything on the line. In order to get something, you have to be willing to give something up -- your time, for example -- but once you grasp the concept of give and take, the sky is the limit. Try to focus on the most important task first, and then prioritize the remaining things on your to-do list so that you are working in some kind of order. Connecting with new people over an important project is possible, but you have to keep an open mind about their opinions. There`s more than one way to approach a problem, and you might have to accept the fact that someone else might just come up with a workable solution before you have a chance to.